Black Pepper: The King of Spices’ Health Benefits

  • on February 13, 2016
Black Pepper Health Benefits

The Health Benefits of The King of Spices!


Black Pepper, also referred to as the King of Spice for its longtime popularity, is used in both its fine powder form and its dried berry form known as Peppercorn. The grinding of the Peppercorn brings about the fine spice of Black Pepper.

Black Pepper Health Benefits EasyLebaneseRecipes


Black Pepper in Burghul Stuffed tomatoes

From our Fine Cuisine: Burghul Stuffed tomatoes

Rich with Manganese, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin-C, Vitamin K, and Dietary Fiber, Black Pepper constitutes an excellent source of health benefits.

It is a main component of the widely known Lebanese 7-Spice, which we use in many of our dishes.  Black Pepper also constitutes a natural food preservative because of its antibacterial properties.





Excessive amounts of black pepper in dishes can cause G.I. irritation and ulcer bleeding. Avoid if you suffer from acid-peptic disease, stomach ulcers, ulcer colitis, and diverticulitis conditions

Black Pepper Benefits

  1. Improves Digestion and Increases Nutrient Absorption
  2. Antibacterial
  3. Aids in Weight Loss
  4. Relieves Joint Pain and Muscle Pain
  5. Calms Anxiety and Acts as AntidepressantBlack Pepper Tea
  6. Promotes Dental health
  7. Promotes Sweating and Urination
  8. Boosts Metabolism
  9. Contains Antioxidants
  10. Relieves Constipation, Gas and Bloating
  11. Reduces Risk of Skin CancerBlack Pepper Benefits
  12. Enhances Appetite for mild Anorexia
  13. Promotes Skin Pigmentation for patients with Vitilligo
  14. Breaks up Chest Congestion due to Cold
  15. Acts as Diuretic


Black Pepper in Lebanese Dishes

Black Pepper in Lebanese Dishes



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