Cultural Heritage BloggerTo the world, and to the Lebanese descendants in particular, I here convey the beautiful Lebanon which real image has been veiled by the media of conflicts and wars.

Food, that source of comfort and pleasure, stands as the most important and persistent aspects of our traditional culture. It connects us to our history, our traditions, our community, and to each other.

Within that context, my blog thrives to connect our Lebanese descendants to their roots, as the cultural heritage is transmitted….

“A former Gourmet Group member, Claudys shares her culinary knowledge while entertaining us with related stories and interesting facts.  A writer, a public speaker, a humanitarian, holder of a Master Degree in Psychology and a diploma in Event production, she assumed executive roles in the business world for over two decades. 

Born in Venezuela and raised in Lebanon, she lived in different countries, has traveled well, and interacted with various cultures. Today, she calls Canada “home” where she relocated over seven years ago with her children.

Claudys believes in the necessity of the individual to continue evolving. She does just that with her love of reading, painting, designing, developing her spirituality, and exploring places new to her, particularly European old cities.”