How to Make Ashkawan and Fig Toast Fragrant with Basil and Seeds

  • on October 22, 2018

Delicious Snack and Breakfast

Ashkawan, Creamy Goat Cheese and Juicy Figs

with Basil and Flaxseed


Ashkawan, or Qashqawan in the written Arabic, is one of my top favorite cheeses. It’s soft and semi-solid with a soft yellowish color.  It is one of the most consumed cheeses in Lebanon as in the Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe, and the Balkan region.

It is said that it originated in Italy. However, the term Qashqawan derives from the Arabic term for cream, and it carries different names in different regions with some differences also in the making.

The Ashkawan can be made from Sheep Milk or from Cow Milk, or both. The difference is in the taste, going from mild to strong. Most of our Ashkawan is made from 70% Sheep milk and 30% Cow Milk. The purest and strongest in taste is the one made with 100% Cow Milk in the Balkan countries.




Today’s recipe is simple and fancy looking. It brings together the Ashkawan with Goat Cheese on slices of lightly toasted baguette slices, and topped with juicy Fresh Figs. Flaxseed and Fresh Basil come in to increase the fragrant and the health benefits.

These soft toasts are good breakfasts and snacks, and also great for your receptions. In the case of the late, I recommend slimmer baguette breads for a lovely and practical outcome at your buffet table.

Enjoy them!

Ashkawan and Fig Toast with Basil and Seeds

Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine Claudys' Cuisine
Keyword Ashkawan Cheese, Baguette Bread, Emmantel Cheese, Flax Seeds, Fresh Basil, Fresh Figs, Goat Cheese
Prep Time 8 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 4 portions


  • 4 slices Baguette Bread
  • 4 tsps Goat Cheese
  • 4 slices Ashkawan Cheese or Emmantel Cheese
  • 12 slices Red Figs (4 large, each sliced in 3 pieces)
  • 8 heads Basil leaves
  • Flax seeds optional


  1. Lightly Toast the bread slices, and arrange them on the serving plate. Spread 1 tsp of goat cheese thinly on each bread slices.

  2. Fold the Ashkawan slices in two and lay them on the spreads of goat cheese. Nicely top each with 3 slices of Fig, and 2 heads of Basil Leaves. 

    Sprinkle some flax seeds between the figs, and serve at once.


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