How to Make Low-Fat Rice and Anise Pudding: The Meghli of Births

  • on May 26, 2018

A Child is Born…The Meghli Celebrates!

A Low-Fat Rice and Anise Pudding

with Zero Cholesterol


The Meghli is a refreshing and light pudding that celebrates births in Lebanon. All Lebanese homes with a newly born infant have to have Meghli for their guests who come to congratulate the household on the birth of the new offspring.

I myself followed the tradition with the births of my three children abroad. Most of these days, I would consume most of it myself to then rush and prepare another large casserole. It’s as good as that, and as healthy and… relaxing for both my infant and myself.


This long tradition of ours has more to do with the infants than the guests. Our mothers are encouraged to consume it during the breastfeeding period, especially in the first weeks. That’s because of all the health values the Meghli carries to the infant with the mother’s natural milk.

The Anise in the Meghli flavors the milk (along with the caraway and cinnamon), relaxes the infant and reduces colic. The only caution we observe with the Meghli during that period is in discarding the walnuts that, they, do cause colic.


The norm became a tradition, and the celebrating tradition a norm in many of our Christian homes preparing and offering Meghli to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas day. However, the Meghli is no longer consumed only on occasions.

Nowadays, I even see Meghli in the fridges of Lebanese supermarkets in Canada and even in powder kit on their shelves. It is to say, it is a very loved pudding to consume anytime. I do at no particular occasion, so does my daughter Anastasia who loves it a lot. 🙂


The Meghli is made of Rice Flour and Sugar, and enhanced with the aroma and extra nutrients of the Caraway, the Anise, and the Cinnamon. The toppings consist of Almonds, Pine Kernels, Pistachio Nuts, Walnuts and Shredded Coconut. The twist is in the boiling method.

Rice contains powerful Antioxidant, regulates bowel movements, empowers heart’s resistance to diseases, and is an essential source of Vitamin B1, among other health benefits. 

Anise is an excellent remedy for digestive disorders such as flatulence, bloating, colicky stomach pain, nausea, and indigestion; as well as for asthma and bronchitis cough.

For the health and healing values of the Caraway and the Cinnamon, please click on their names.

Enjoy this easy and delicious recipe!

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