How to Make Potato Puree with Herbs, Garlic & Onion

  • on May 10, 2018

Fragrant with Garlic, 

Fresh with Parsley and Spring Onion, 

Creamy with Milk and Butter:

The Lebanese Herb Potato Puree!


A delicious side-dish to many main dishes, our Herb Puree is a perfect companion to meat, chicken, turkey, and even Fish Kibbeh.

Potato Puree with Herb, Garlic and ScallionsThis is a very easy recipe that requires boiling peeled and cut potatoes, which allows a quick mashing. Butter is melted in seasoned milk, before mixing it with the puree. I use 1 small clove of garlic to give it enough fragrance.

Fresh parsley and spring onions are chopped and mixed with the garlic before adding it to the puree in order to maintain their freshness. Moments before serving, I drizzle the puree with a little Extra-Virgin Olive oil.

Try it with Fish Kibbeh with Burgul, Chicken Rolls Stuffed with Spinach, or Herb Roast Chicken with Mustard Sauce, and even with a vegan Moussaka Eggplant with Chickpeas!

Potatoes Benefits

Enjoy! Life is Good!

Potato Puree with Herbs, Garlic & Onion

Course Side Dish
Cuisine Lebanese
Keyword Culinary Herb Mixture, Healthy Vegetarian Recipes, Potato, Side Dish, Vegetarian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 4 portions


  • 1Kg Potatoes peeled and cut small
  • 3/4 cup Milk
  • 1 clove Garlic finely minced and mashed
  • 5 tbsps Unsalted Butter
  • 3 tbsps Spring Onions Chopped thinly
  • 3 tbsps Fresh Parsley Chopped thinly
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 tsp White Pepper
  • Olive Oil (optional: to drizzle) extra virgin


  1. Boil the potatoes in salted water, then reduce heat to medium-low.  

    Leave them to simmer for about 18 minutes until tenderness.

    Meanwhile, chop parsley and onions, and mince the garlic. 

  2. In a small pot, over medium heat, combine milk, butter, white pepper and a dash of salt.

    Simmer until butter melts and blends in.

  3. Remove from heat, and pour the hot milk mixture over gradually while mashing them to smoothness. Rest aside.

    Set aside some chopped parsley for garnishing, and mix the remaining with the onions and garlic, and stir all very well in the puree.

    NOTE: You want to make sure the puree takes in all the garlic fragrance, and the herbs are well combined in.


  1. Transfer the puree into a serving plate, and Sprinkle on the chopped parsley you have set aside. 

    At the moment of serving, drizzle with some Extra-Virgin Olive oil.

    Deliciously consumed both cold and hot. Enjoy!

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