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How to Make Fatteh Nutritious Vegetarian Breakfast

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Adjust Servings:
2 cans Chickpeas Drained and washed with fresh water
1 cup Tahini Dressing Refer to: "How To Make Tahini Dressing" https://www.easylebaneserecipes.com/recipe/make-tahini-dressing/
1/2 cup water
500 gr Yogurt Plain / Lebanese or Mediterranean
1 loaf Lebanese Pita Bread Toasted and broken in small pieces
1/2 tsp Lebanese 7-Spice
Salt to taste
For Toppings
3 tbsps Pine Kernels Fried. Add the quantity if you are a fan of nuts in the food like me.
2 tbsps Garlic mashed
1 1/2 tbsp Butter unsalted
2 tbsps Vegetable Oil

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How to Make Fatteh Nutritious Vegetarian Breakfast

      • 30 minutes
      • Serves 4
      • Medium


      • For Toppings



      Fatteh Vegetarian DishFatteh, A Lebanese Popular Breakfast,

      Old as the history of our peasants, Fatteh was the breakfast of these brave men readying at dawn for their long day in the fields…


      Mothers or wives would boil chickpeas from their staples, cook them with Tahini, and flavored them with lemon and garlic. They gathered crumbs of old pita bread on a plate to make it more fulfilling, poured the chickpeas on, topped it all with fresh plain yogurt, and throw on some pine kernels, which were common ingredients.

      Fatteh refers to crumbs in Arabic, as well as to the act of breaking the bread in small pieces.

      Fatteh Easy Lebanese Recipes

      I can imagine how pleasant the dish was to have lasted through hundreds of years, evolving to become a most popular breakfast in our country to this day!

      They must have not known what today’s studies do about the benefits of their Fatteh, but their strong health and body certainly told them a lot about it. After all, our culture was health-conscious in food consumption…. until not long ago.

      Super nutritious, delicious, fulfilling and easy digested, the Fatteh breakfast is one of the most sought morning dish nationwide!

      Fatteh chicken
      Fatteh; Chicken Recipe Version

      With time, the recipe has been refined, yet not in a significant way. The basic remains the same. Some went on cooking it with meat or chicken, which are also current variations of the Fatteh, yet not as popular as the Vegetarian one.

      Personally, I am for the simple, meatless, digestive, and healthier vegetarian one. It is one of the favorite dishes of my children, which I cook for dinner instead.

       Fatteh: Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Energy Booster, and much more!

      In addition to the Tahini having 0% Cholesterol, very little salt,

      42% Calcium, and 50% Iron,

      the Fatteh provides you with amazing nutrients from its two main ingredients:

      Fatteh nutritious benefits

      And there is more!

      The Pine Kernels or Nuts are also Energy Booster, provide you with Anti-Aging Antioxidant, suppress your appetite, reduce the risk of Heart disease, and support your Vision health.

      Fatteh: The Easy and Vegetarian Recipe

      The particularity if this dish is in the duality of warm and cold, and of the crispiness and softness. Hence, it should be consumed as soon as ready.

      FattehIt usually doesn’t take me more than 25 minutes to make the Fatteh for my family. It is one of these dishes that I can make anytime my son catches me unprepared with his teasing, “What did you say we have for dinner again?”

      Basically, I pop open 2 cans of Chickpeas, cook them with Tahini sauce for 10 minutes while frying the toppings, and while the bread is toasting in the oven.


      Fatteh ingredientsYes, it is as simple as that, and as delicious as you can never imagine… until you have tried it and get hooked to it! 🙂

      Enjoy it!


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      1- Prepare the Tahini Dressing as per my recipe "How to Make Tahini Dressing". https://www.easylebaneserecipes.com/recipe/make-tahini-dressing/

      2 - Over medium heat, mix the Tahini Sauce with the Chick Peas while adding water gradually.
      3- Season with the 7-Spices and salt, and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.


      1- Heat the oil and the butter, add the spoon of garlic, and fry softly over medium heat until it gets a yellowish golden look and a crispy texture. It should take few seconds.
      2- Set aside in the frying pan.



      You have the option to pour the Chickpeas with its Tahini sauce into 4 soup plates or into one deep serving plate.
      In any case:
      1- Pour the chickpeas preparation on the plate(s)
      2- Cover with a layer of small pieces of toasted bread.
      3- Follow with a generous layer of plain yogurt.
      4- Top it with the fried pine kernels, and the fried garlic with its warm oil-butter liquid.


      To be consumed at once

      The particularity of this dish is in the duality of hot and cold, and of the crispiness and softness.



      You may prepare this dish ahead of time. At the time of serving, fry the garlic while warming the chickpeas, and then layer up all.


      Family-oriented and former Gourmet Group member with decades of culinary experience, Claudys is well-traveled, a writer, a humanitarian, and a public speaker, holder of a M.Sc. in Psychology, a diploma in Event Production, and decades of executive roles in both the business and humanitarian fields. ~~ Conveying Lebanon Culture and its Heritage, this blog features related stories, recipes, and exclusive interviews; an online Cultural Community welcoming Lebanese friends and descendants, and all food lovers.

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