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How To Make Halaweh, Tahini Fudge and Spread

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Adjust Servings:
1 cup Tahini Dressing Check my recipe "How to Make Tahini Dressing: https://www.easylebaneserecipes.com/recipe/tahini-dressing/
1/2 cup Honey
4 tsps Coconut Oil could be substituted with unsalted butter
2 dashes Salt preferably Sea Salt
3/4 cup Pistachio Nuts or as desired

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How To Make Halaweh, Tahini Fudge and Spread


      A Healthier Recipe of a Delicious Treat with All The Benefits of Sesame Seeds.

      • 1h 15 minutes
      • Serves 8
      • Easy




      Halaweh Sweet

      If you are a fan of Lebanese Sweet and even Middle-Eastern ones, you would have probably seen the Halaweh in the International section of major super markets. You might not have tried it yet since Halaweh is a sweet that would be introduced to you by Lebanese or Middle-Eastern friends.

      Halaweh is an Arabic term for Sweet or Sweeten, and a derivative of Helweh, meaning Beautiful. Sweet and Beauty go hands in hands in our part of the world. How more romantic that could be!

      Our Halaweh is seen in different variations throughout the Mediterranean. Prepared with Tahini Sauce and densely sweetened, it goes in our country from simple to enhanced with pistachios, Cajun, and even chocolate. However, our homemade Halaweh tends to be lighter, less sugar-intense.

      This is what I am sharing with you today… with a healthier twist: Raw honey is used instead of the sugar syrup.

      As you know by now from my previous recipes, our sugar syrup contains almost more sugar than water. I am also discarding the butter for the healthier coconut oil.

      Today, you will learn to make the Halaweh Fudge with pistachios, as well as the Halaweh Spread in one single recipe.

      You are going to need to refer to my Tahini Dressing Recipe to prepare it for this recipe.



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      10 minutes

      Preparing the fudge mixture

      1- Prepare your Tahini sauce immediately before starting.

      2- Stir in the coconut oil and honey.
      3- Add the salt, and mix for few minutes.
      4- Taste to ensure the sweetness is to your liking. Some prefer it with a little more honey. If this is your case, sprinkle a little more salt as well.
      5- Add half the pistachio nuts and mix well.

      1 h

      Preparing to Fridge

      1- Place a baking sheet in a Loaf Pan or similar.
      2- Pour in the fudge mixture, and spread it evenly.
      3- Top it with the remaining pistachios, and gently press them in a little.

      If you wish the Halaweh as a spread, you can stop here, without refrigerating. Leave it to rest for 5 minutes or so at room temperature.

      FOR THE HALAWEH FUDGE: Place the tray in the fridge for an hour and continue the recipe.

      5 minutes


      1- Remove the fudge from the fridge.
      2- Gently transfer the fudge, by holding the baking sheet, onto a serving tray, and discard the sheet.
      3- With a sharp cake knife, slice the fudge into equal portions of about 1 inch. I caution not to cut slimmer than that for your slices might break apart.

      NOTE: Best kept in the fridge. Make sure you return the remaining to the fridge and cover.



      We love our Halaweh Fudge wrapped in pita bread, or as is.


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