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How to Make Healthy Lamb in Yogurt: Laban Oummo

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Adjust Servings:
250 gr Lamb cut in cubes Cooked ahead, check below*
10 Baby Onions
5 cloves Garlic crushed
1 tbsp Vegetable Oil
For The Yogurt
1 Kg Plain Yogurt
1 tbsp Corn Starch
1 Tbsp Tahini paste
1/2 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp White Pepper
1/4 cup Water
1/4 tsp Dry Mint
1/2 cup or as desired Pine Kernels toasted or fried
1 tbsp Olive Oil extra-virgin

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How to Make Healthy Lamb in Yogurt: Laban Oummo


    Warm and soothing to the stomach, healthy and delicious, Laban Oummo is one of our traditional meals cherished by families over dinner or lunch.

    • Serves 5
    • Medium


    • For The Yogurt

    • Topping



    Delicious, Nutritious and Soothing

    Our traditional Laban Oummo

    Laban Oummo with pine nuts
    Laban Oummo with optional topping of pine nuts

    This Lebanese Lamb in warm Yogurt is culturally known as Laban Oummo, which translated into the endearing name of “His Mother’s Yogurt”. To appreciate its name, one has to understand the Lebanese culture of family affection and motherly absolute devotion, and the wordings we use to endear our kids. This dish is one of them. 🙂

    Phonetically, it is pronounced Laban Oummo (not Immo).At oppose to some current misinterpretations, Laban is Yogurt, not milk. In fact, Yogurt and Lamb meat are the two main components of this dish.


    Lamb in yogurtCooking with Laban (Lebanese plain yogurt) encompasses many dishes of our Lebanese cuisine. I know that when I first visited the US in my early 20s, I was surprised to see “sweet yogurt”.

    I found it weird, and hesitated to try it…. just because, for us Lebanese, yogurt is a main component of many of our salty dishes, and we also eat it fresh cold like in the Yogurt Cucumber Salad, or as an addition to the Baked Kibbeh and others.

    I believe it goes the same with Westerners when we speak of dishes cooked in yogurt.

    Yet!  If you still haven’t tried the Lamb in Yogurt, or the StuffeLamb in yogurtd Zucchini in Yogurt, or the Shish Barak, I strongly advise you to take the jump. You’ll love them! Hot cooked yogurt are delicious and super comforting to the stomach.

    For the Lebanese nation, foods cooked in yogurt are “homey” to the souls. These dishes speak of loving homes and family bonds, and connect us closely to our traditional culture.

    Lamb in Yogurt: The Recipe of Laban Oummo

    Lamb in yogurt
    As an indication only…

    The Lamb meat here is cooked in cubes, and not on bones and with fats like it used to be.

    Our cuisine has been evolving healthier for this type of dishes, and easier in method.

    The meat is cooked separately, so is the culinary preparation of the yogurt that includes Tahini Paste for added quality protein, and Corn Starch to maintain the yogurt consistency. They are then cooked together to just a boiling point. Dry mint is added at the end, before serving.

    Lebanese Rice vermicelli
    Lebanese Rice Vermicelli

    Pine Kernels or Nuts are optional. Our land enjoys so many Pine trees that their healthy nuts are almost omnipresent in our cuisine.

    This dish is consumed with the Lebanese Vermicelli rice, which we cook for many of our stews, and other similar dishes in yogurt like the Shish Barak.

    Enjoy it! Life is Good!

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    Cooking The Lamb

    Fry the onions in preheated oil, turning them gently until they turn yellow. Add the garlic and stir for a minute then add the meat cubes and water, and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.


    Cooking the Yogurt

    Whisk the Corn starch in the 1/4 cup of water, and pour it on the Yogurt. Add the Tahini, salt and white pepper, and blend well.
    Slowly pour the yogurt mixture in the cooking meat, stirring continuously, in one direction, until boiling point.



    Remove the Laban Oummo from the heat, and pour it into a deep serving plate.
    Sprinkle with dry mint, and the fired or toasted pine kernels.
    Serve with Lebanese Vermicelli Rice on the side.


    Family-oriented and former Gourmet Group member with decades of culinary experience, Claudys is well-traveled, a writer, a humanitarian, and a public speaker, holder of a M.Sc. in Psychology, a diploma in Event Production, and decades of executive roles in both the business and humanitarian fields. ~~ Conveying Lebanon Culture and its Heritage, this blog features related stories, recipes, and exclusive interviews; an online Cultural Community welcoming Lebanese friends and descendants, and all food lovers.

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