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How to Make Zaatar Breadsticks: Savory Crunchy and Light

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Adjust Servings:
4 cups Flour
1 1/4 tbsps Salt
1 1/2 tbsps Sugar
1 oz Fresh Yeast
1 1/2 cups water warm
For the Zaatar Spread
3 tbsps Zaatar If your Zaatar has little lemon-taste, add 1 tsp of Sumac
4 tbsps Olive Oil Extra-virgin

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How to Make Zaatar Breadsticks: Savory Crunchy and Light


    These Zaatar Breadsticks.... What a delight! Light, crunchy and zesty with Zaatar and healthily baked, the Zaatar Breadsticks will please any palate of any age.

    • 45 minutes
    • Serves 20
    • Medium


    • For the Zaatar Spread



    Impress Your Guests on A Drink Night with our Savory Crunchy Zaatar Breadsticks.


    Zaatar Breadsticks
    Impress your guests on a drink night!

    What can I say? I love Zaatar! Don’t we all? I mentioned previously that Lebanese students, from an early age, are geared on Zaatar during exams to sharpen their memories. I was one of them.

    Spread on bread and wrapped, or baked on dough, it is the Zaatar that accompanies Lebanese students on their way to the exams the way it reigns on our breakfasts through our adult life.

    We just love Zaatar  in all its recipes!

    The Zaatar and I,

    There is a funny thing with me and the Zaatar. I always have it ready on the kitchen counter in its creamy oily form, whether at home or at my daughter’s in Europe.

    Zaatar Manoush platter
    Man’oush Zaatar. Try our recipe!

    When our western guests ask curiously, “what is this?” I tend to offer them to taste it on a piece of Lebanese bread.

    I do it, always with some hesitance, and always gazing with some doubt at the coming reaction, although… I always get the same “oh, yummy!”

    I haven’t met any, yet, who doesn’t like it!

    There is something almost magical in the mixture of our Zaatar herbs…


    What is Zaatar?

    ZaatarZaatar, you know it as Thyme. It is Thyme basically but mixed with other dried herbs. The outcome is of a lemon-zesty savory quality, with the added health benefits of these ingredients.

    Visit Rich Zaatar Mixture to know more about its blend of herbs or to get the Traditional Recipe.

    Zaatar Breadsticks: The Recipe

    Zaatar Breadsticks are a super delicious light snack that could be eaten as chips or as starters in cocktail receptions.

    Zaatar FingersThey are great snack to munch during your break at work, during long car trips, as well as for your kids at playtime or as school snacks. You will also enjoy them when reading a book or watching a movie, and dipping them in Labneh.

    There are few recipe versions. Some incorporate the Zaatar mixed with olive oil into the dough, which brings about a greenish bread-sticks.

    Zaatar Breadsticks on the makingSome shape them in simple sticks, and some twist them. All are delicious, I assure you!

    This recipe spreads the Zaatar creamy mixture on the dough, and gives you the choice to make them in sticks or twisted. It generates 20 sticks, which, I promise, will be quickly consumed.

    I usually double the ingredients since they are so loved, and they last stored in a tight container or a plastic bag.



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    Mix yeast with sugar and water to smoothness.
    Leave it to rest for 10 min.

    Meanwhile, prepare the Zaatar spread: Mix well Zaatar and olive oil for a well-moist mixture.


    Mix flour and salt, and stir in the prepared yeast until forming a smooth dough ( 5-8 min)
    Cover and leave it to rest and double in a warm place for 1 hour.


    1- Sprinkle flour on your kitchen counter, knead the dough on, then roll it out into a very thin rectangle.
    2- Brush the dough with the Zaatar creamy mixture, and cut it into sticks of about 1 inch wide.
    You may leave them into that shape, OR:

    - Grab both extremities and turn in opposite directions to get a twisted form.
    - Place them on a non-stick baking tray, and let them rest for 10 more minutes in a warm place

    Meanwhile, preheat your oven at 356°F.


    Bake to golden (about 10 minutes) then turn on the broiler to just golden the tops.
    Cool on a wire rack.
    Consume warm or cold.

    NOTE: To preserve them, store them when cooled in an airtight container, or in a plastic bag.


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