Sage: Health Benefits in Your Food

  • on February 13, 2016

Sage: “To Be In Good Health”

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Sage is a strong antioxidant and an Anti-Inflammatory,  as well as an Anti-Microbial, and a Booster of Energy and Memory. That in addition to its long list of health benefits that earned it, in ancient Mediterranean, the Latin name of Sage: to be in good health.

Sage Leaves Health BenefitsSage is an aromatic leaf ingredient that enhances dishes of beef, chicken, turkey, pasta, and specially fatty meats.

In the Lebanese cuisine, it is called Meraymyeh, and is used in various recipes as well as a herbal tea. We also use it in the boiling process of the chicken, along with a stick of Cinnamon, in order to cleanse it, and remove any stinky taste from it.

Interesting enough, our grand-mothers used it as a beauty product to clean their faces and gain a glowing youth-like skin. They would boil water, soak in Sage leaves for 1-2 hours, then use the liquid same day on their faces and leave it to dry.



  1. Iron Booster and Blood-Regenerating
  2. Increases Energy and Improves MemorySage Leaves Health Benefits
  3. Contains Vitamins and Natural Antioxidants
  4. Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial
  5. Promotes and Improves General Health
  6. Reduces Sweating
  7. Improves the Digestive Tract Secretory activity 
  8. Treats Diseases of Liver, Kidneys and the Gastrointestinal Tract
  9. Treats Viral Infections, Sore Throats, Bronchitis and Gingivitis Sage Leaves Benefits
  10. Helps with Asthma Attacks
  11. Treats Skin Diseases, Wounds, Sores, Boils, and Burns
  12. Treats Ulcers and Tumors
  13. Promotes Health of Bones, Skin, Tooth and Gums
  14. Helps Prevent Sprains
  15. Treats Allergies and Mosquito Bites
  16. Helps Treats Fungal and Microbial Infections
  17. Strengthens the Nervous System
  18. Helps with Digestion


Sage Tea Benefits

Lebanon Meramyeh Chai : Sage Tea


Disclaimer: The information contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice or to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Talk with your doctor or healthcare provider about any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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