Thyme: Health Benefits in Your Food!

  • on February 12, 2016

Known as A Brain Booster in Lebanon,

Thyme Has Many Other Health Benefits To Cite


Thyme Health benefits

Thyme is a plant that can be used with its flowers, leaves and oil.

Fresh Thyme Salad

Lebanese Fresh Thyme Salad

As a Home Remedy, it is used for cough, whooping cough, flatulence, diarrhea, stomach ache, sore throat, arthritis, and bed-wetting, as well as diuretic, among other health benefits.
It is the small leaves of the Thyme that are used for cooking, fresh or dried, for a minty savory quality.
In order to maintain the flavor of this particular herb in your culinary preparation, the Thyme must be added at the end. 


  1. Natural Antiseptic, Antibiotic and Antioxidant
  2. Treats Chest and Respiratory Problems
  3. Controls Blood Pressure
  4. Effective against Bacterial, Fungal and Viral infectionsThyme Health Benefits
  5. Enhances Oral Health
  6. Improves Bone Health
  7. Stimulates the Nervous System
  8. Promotes proper Digestion
  9. Boosts Energy
  10. Anti-Inflammatory
  11. Prevents Hair Loss
  12. Cures Cold, Cough, Sore Throat and AcneThyme Health Benefits
  13. Promotes Healthy Skin
  14. Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
  15. Prevents Anemia
  16. Eases Epilepsy, Convulsions and Menstrual Cramps



Disclaimer: The information contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice or to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Talk with your doctor or healthcare provider about any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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